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Competency Based HRM: A Strategic Resource for Competency Mapping, Assessment and Development Centres

-By Ganesh Shermon

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Book Summary

This is an exhaustive reference for building organizational competency in order to meet challenges that exist in the present day work environment. This book, written by an eminent human resources specialist, contains very valuable material on competency, the competency mapping process, assessment centers as well as behavioral descriptions. It is a treasure chest of templates for assessments, interview questionnaires, metrics and more importantly concepts, that explain to a professional the know-how to integrate various HRM activities with a competency based system. The starting point of this book is that a competency development initiative must flow from the core business competencies. Thereby what is required is identification of people competencies from an understanding of the critical success factors that differentiate the organization from its competition. The strategic goals of the organization and consequently its competencies have to align with people competencies. For effective articulation or implementation of strategy, competencies form a crucial linking pin as it binds business objectives with that of people objectives. This book provides an exhaustive guidance to the leaders in the organization-including the CEO, HR managers, senior members of the sales, production, and service team to create an excellent organization. It elaborates the processes through specified time lines as to what?s to be done. As we move from direct transfer to a specific skill or knowledge to a more complex set of processes, content, behaviors or procedures, learners require greater guidance in determining what training is appropriate for them at any given time. Navigating this more complex learning environment requires a solid competency model that clearly describes the important areas of performance for a job role, provides a basis for assessing current performance levels, and ties neatly to HR processes, training and learning opportunities short..

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Book Details
ISBN-13 9780070528048
Publisher Tata McGraw-Hill Education India
Imprint India Professional
Number of Pages
Publication Date 27082004
Language English
Binding Hard Cover

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