IndiaReads for Sales team

Be well informed of your leads, customers and pipelines

  • Track your potential leads, customers and watch your pipeline grow.

  • Get notifications for new leads generated, any alteration in lead status, or when you convert a prospect into a client in your sales team group.

  • Prepare to perfection for every client meeting or call, by creating and assigning to-do’s to your sales team via group chats.

  • Create, upload and share content where employees can easily access and use it as and when the need arises.

Be in sync with your team and other teams as well

  • Share organizational and departmental knowledge like sales collateral and expertise be it in the form of presentations, reports, brochures etc. from your personal or centralized repository to specific groups.

  • Share outcomes with all departments and document important information like customer research, donor retention strategy, brand guidelines etc. for your upcoming projects.

  • As your project comes along, create and share minutes of meetings, sales target reports, progress reports, decision pages etc. on group chats and keep marching ahead. Stakeholders from different departments will appreciate the transparency and the teams will avoid last minute curve balls coming from any team or person.

  • Apprise employees and teams of the organizations achievements and upcoming initiatives by posting them in group chats or on company’s wall.

Add new skills to build your team

  • Search and locate useful knowledge base and skills to help your team learn and grow.

  • Let others learn from your experience by sharing your market experience, expertise and case studies.

  • Let your company’s wall be a platform to share the best and out of the box ideas.

  • Utilize the leadership board and reward recognition to make your team and employees feel appreciated for meeting their sales target or converting a prospect.